The right team to get the job done - on-time and on-budget

Stellar Webdev, formerly known as The Boulevard Group, has been creating websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations since January 2000. The company’s mantra, then and now, is that the best way to create a successful website for its clients is to create a valuable experience for the site visitors.

The Management Team

Mark Beck

Owner Mark Beck oversees all operations at Stellar WebDev. Prior to forming their company, Mark had 10 years experience in programming, database design and systems analysis in the construction and financial services industries. In addition, he has over seven years experience in sales and marketing for a major financial services firm.

Joyce Beck

Joyce Beck co-developed the region’s first webmaster certification program in 1996 at New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has taught web skills to adult learners for the Continuing Education department and to undergraduate students in the Information Technology B.S. degree program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, while also serving as their Campus Webmaster. During her career, she has served small businesses, non-profits, and educational and government organizations as an information systems consultant. Joyce has a B.A. in mathematics, a teaching certificate in secondary education, and a Masters Certificate in administrative science.

The Webdev Team

Stellar WebDev has built up a talented, multinational team of programmers and consulting contributors in the many disciplines that go into creating your website. Our seasoned team of programmers combines their knowledge of frontend tools and backend server-side languages to get the job done quickly and accurately. By using this pool of U.S.-based and offshore talent, we give you the advantage of high-quality deliverables while relieving you of the task of finding, vetting, training and engaging each individual.

Every step of the process is overseen
by the Stellar Webdev management team.